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Lavender helps to treat insomnia, headache and destroys germsand bacteria. It strengthens the hair roots and balances the sebum.


The rosemary plant & its extract were also used by ancient Egyptians as incense. Rosemary extract is known to help tone skin & reduce dryness.


Australia is abound with Tea Tree, which is about 8 m high, with narrow leaves and light yellow flowers. Tea tree oil is able to control acne, blackheads or athlete's foot. It is also capable of penetrating into lower skin layers with its anti-irritating function.


Lemon has the calming effect and it also helps to relieve stress. It also provides the natural disinfection properties which makes it a great agent for body cleansing.


Grapefruit contains rich vitamin C, can be used to ease cold symptoms, grapefruit essential oil with pure and fresh and sweet citrus fragrance, has the good stimulating effect.


Chamomile means “Noble Flowers” in Latin language. Its essential oils distilled from Chamomile show in yellow and have sweet herbal smell.


Peppermint helps to remove blackheads, relieve itching and inflammation. The Roman or the Greeks use it to detoxificate, or use it to dis-intoxicate after banquet.


Ginger’s stem is the main spice ingredients, and also is a good source for refining essence oil. In China, ginger is not used as food materials and spices, is also used as a medicine toclear dampand cold.
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