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Employees Relationship                                                  

New Oriental’s employee standard: morality first, then with both of ability and virtue.
New Oriental always maintain such principle on personal appointments that for those who are with more morality and less ability, we make great efforts to develop them; for those are with less morality and more ability, we limit to appoint them; for those with both of morality and ability, we put them in important positions. We treat every employee equally and fairly, no matter he/she is a general employee or a senior management, we provide a platform for develop and room for promotion to each of them. Meanwhile, we also respect Chinese national labor laws to provide social and medical insurance for our staffs. 

Training is the strategic with minimum risk and maximum profit.
Talent is the fundamental of a company’s development. Pay high attention to cultivation of excellent talents and enhance technical training of staffs is always one of the important subjects on our operation management.
Study is the best benefit that a company gives its staffs. We establish a training team and hold various subjects of internal training, including fire control knowledge, quality control, daily English application training, etc; as well as send outstanding talents to attend external study and training to promote staffs’ quality and technical skills continuously. This not only improves the overall competition of our company but also devote ourselves to take our responsibility for social stability and development.

Humanistic Care begun from details
New Oriental founds “Cultural Garden” to enrich spiritual life of staffs; prepares birthday presents for staffs, organizes collective tourism, holds Chinese New Year Celebration, equips all workshops and offices with medicine cabinets and provide fruit after dinner for staffs… dribs and drabs, we start with details and consider for staffs to create a good working environment to let our staffs truly feel the warmth and caring from company.

    Internal English Training

    Fire Drill

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