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April, 2007    Establishment.
2008              Built the laboratory and the cosmetic workshop and put them into use.
2009              Authorized with GMPC certificate.
2010              Established our own brand and launched products of our brand.
                       At the same time,started the project of Cooperation of Production and Study.
2011              Set up Quality Control Center, Training Room and Practice &Training Team,  
                       enlarged the production area in large scale. Every workshop set up standard operating
                       instructions, carried out standard management. 
2012             Became the first enterprise of east Guangdong province to be authorized by ISO22716
                      International Organization for Standardization.We continue to enlarge our scale.

2013             Established long-term strategic cooperative business relationship with Intertek(ITS). 
                      Be the first chinese company which integrates with 6 certificates verified & qualified by Intertek in the field of Hotel Amenities.        

2014             Signed agreement with Guangdong University of Technology for establishing
                      Brilliant Engineers Joint Training Base.

2016             Moved to the new plant( in Zhujin Industry Zone) and established Tube Workshop.Continue to expand production scale.

2017             Be verified in WCA Audit by Intertek and obtained the Certificate.
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